Dan Lu: Formation 1

  • ©2002, Dan Lu, Formation 1
  • ©2002, Dan Lu, Formation 1



    Formation 1


Creation Year:



    photographic paper


    9 x 9 inches


Artist Statement:

    All these works focus on expressing my understanding and feeling of nature formation. Nature forms various patterns and states. Some are orderly in space but disorderly in time; others orderly in time but disorderly in space. Some patterns exhibit self-similarity or stable structures. Others give rise to random states or oscillating ones. The dynamics seems basic , changing in relative space and time, yet still difficult to predict and comprehend.

    Faced with microscopic particles in everyday complexity, I sometimes have been driven through a feeling of mystery, dramatics, and unpredictability about the formation of nature. Hopefully, computer graphics may be applied to my work as a way into an unlimited thinking space.

Technical Information:

    This series of digital paintings was created with Illustrator and Photoshopon a PC and printed on professional color printer.