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SIGGRAPH 2000: Art Gallery

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This work is the result of a fascination with aesthetic by-products of computer procedure. It is a visuavisuaisuaegies of electronic audio/visual transfer (CuseeMe video-conferencing, Real Audio broadcasting, and other assorted hi/lo tech tools). We’ve endeavored to build an electronic theatrical device, to create conditions in which simultaneous transfer of digital information can occur in real time (transfer of experiential data being collected at a site of production to remote receiving and/or reciprocally re-transmitting audienceparticipation, collaborational links).

The live action continually repeats the attempt to reveal the relationship between public and personal-memory. Details extracted from the media sphere are investigated, dissected, redigested, in a series of multi-media tableau vivants. In the Web site, there is a remote point of entry into these various setups, hookups, site-specific installations, etc. It exists as a window into these actions and as evidence of these ephemeral procedures.

Recent performances and exhibits include: Whitney Biennial 2000 (Internet category), Ars Electronica ’99, Next 5 Minutes 3 Conference, Hell.com, WKCR Electronic Music Festival, and Rhizome Artbase.