Foster + Partners: The Millennium Tower

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The Millennium Tower


SIGGRAPH 2008: Design and Computation

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Architecture and Design

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Tokyo is among the megacities forecast to exceed populations of 15 million by 2020. The Millennium Tower presents a timely solution to the social challenges of urban expansion on this scale and to the particular problems of Tokyo, with its acute land shortages. Commissioned by the Obayashi Corporation, the building rises out of Tokyo Bay. The tower is capable of housing up to 60,000 people, generating its= own energy, and processing its own waste. Developed in response to the hurricane strength wind forces and earthquakes for which the region is notorious, the tower’s conical structure, with its helical steel cage, is inherently stable. It provides decreasing wind resistance toward the top, where it is completely open, and increasing width and strength toward the base to provide earthquake resistance.

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Tokyo, Japan