Google Data Arts Team: Virtual Art Sessions

  • ©, Google Data Arts Team, Virtual Art Sessions
  • ©, Google Data Arts Team, Virtual Art Sessions
  • ©, Google Data Arts Team, Virtual Art Sessions



Virtual Art Sessions


DAC Online Exhibition 2017: Immersive Expressions: Virtual Reality on the Web


Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Artist Statement:

Virtual Art Sessions by the Google Data Arts Team lets the user observe six world-renowned artists as they develop blank canvases into original works of art using Tilt Brush, a VR drawing tool. Artists were recorded with 3D volumetric video, so each session can be explored in interactive mixed reality, from start to finish. By showing the artists in the context of their VR artwork, we give users a unique look into the process and possibilities of using VR as a new creative medium. On any desktop or mobile browser, you can watch the sessions in 3D WebGL. Spin around to view the process from any angle, even from the artist’s perspective. The site gives people who might not have access to room-scale VR a deeper understanding of how it works and the creative potential it contains. Users with a room-scale VR setup can view the project in WebVR and step into the room with the artist at work. The user can walk around the artist and sculpture, speed up and slow down time, and even adjust the scale of the artist: shrink them to miniature and watch a tiny 3D sculpture come to life in your hands, or scale them into a towering giant and see them create strokes the size of skyscrapers.