Jared Bendis: Pixel Mask

  • ©2003, Jared Bendis, Pixel Mask
  • ©2003, Jared Bendis, Pixel Mask



Pixel Mask


SIGGRAPH 2003: CG03: Computer Graphics 2003

Creation Year:



10 inches x 12 inches x 6 inches


3D & Sculpture

Artist Statement:

“The Digital Me” series explores my interactions with the digital world on both physical and metaphysical levels. I share my artistic vision using the skills and tools at my disposal; this invariably involves technology.

“Pixel Mask” involves self-expression with a clay mask molded from my face. Using several digital prints, I have reconstructed my head from punched out “pixels,”‘ which, in this case, are literally “picture elements.” Unlike a jigsaw puzzle, where the image is predetermined, my re-creation here is more adventurous. Bits of beard turn into hair; bits of forehead turn into cheek, and in the end, the eyes just stare back at you with some of the spirit but none of the life of the creator.

Traditionally, the block is used to create prints, and I printed an edition of seven. The prints, however, are secondary; they mirror the image as they mirror my true intention. The block itself is my true representation. I am a tool for creation, a source. Influenced by technology, history, and a desire to disseminate my ideas and ideals, I show myself for all to see.