Jared Bendis: Vector Block

  • ©2003, Jared Bendis, Vector Block



Vector Block


SIGGRAPH 2003: CG03: Computer Graphics 2003

Creation Year:



8 inches x 10 inches x 1 inch


3D & Sculpture

Artist Statement:

“The Digital Me” series explores my interactions with the digital world on both physical and metaphysical levels. I share my artistic vision using the skills and tools at my disposal; this invariably involves technology.

“Vector Block” is hand-cut linoleum that represents the interaction of self and tool. I converted a digital photograph of myself into a vector graphic. To maintain the spirit and integrity of the vector image, I plotted it on an old HP graphics plotter. The plotter was my inspiration as I held the blade in my hand, and the plot guided my cutting. Doing by hand what a machine can do is challenging, yet it can empower the artist in new ways.

Traditionally, the block is used to create prints, and I printed an edition of seven. The prints, however, are secondary; they mirror the image as they mirror my true intention. The block itself is my true representation. I am a tool for creation, a source. Influenced by technology, history, and a desire to disseminate my ideas and ideals, I show myself for all to see.