Paul Elia: Untitled

  • ©2003, Paul Elia, Untitled
  • ©2003, Paul Elia, Untitled
  • ©2003, Paul Elia, Untitled





Creation Year:



    9.75 inches x 6 inches x 7 inches


Artist Statement:

    I create sculptures in glass, bronze, and aluminum. While visiting a friend, I noticed a strange machine humming away in the middle of his office. I had never seen anything like this before. It was a rapid prototyper “printing” a 30 model. I was captivated and fascinated. Before my eyes, the image on a computer screen was being made into a solid. While my friend was using the machine for a prototype automotive part, I instantly saw a place in the art world for this technology. I researched, then purchased solid modeling software and took a course in 3D modeling.

    The theme of this untitled piece is that of an eye seeing fire and water interact. fire is represented by a flame (the ends), and water is represented by a wave (the top). The eye is represented by eyelids looking upward (the base). After
    drawing sketches on paper, I drew the shapes on my computer. After all the elements were drawn in wireframe, I changed the splines and curves into a solid. I was fascinated to see how the computer seamlessly blended the three elements together. Where the wave rolled down, the flame became compressed, and where the eyelids widened so did the flame. It was magical!