Ramirez and Woods Inc.: Knoxville World’s Fair Exhibition

  • ©, Ramirez and Woods Inc.

  • ©, Ramirez and Woods Inc.




    Knoxville World's Fair Exhibition



Artist Statement:

    Interactive video disk and personal computers were used at the 1982 Knoxville World’s Fair in Tennessee to create a powerful and attractive system that was both instructive and engaging. This system was designed to be a highly personal, elastic, non-linear presentation of information. It was interactive, responding to and allowing its users to pursue areas of specific interest while bypassing familiar or boring information. At the same time, the system made full use of its powers, employing images – both still and moving – text, and sound.

    The subject of the system was energy, and it was covered from every conceivable angle: the sources and uses of energy; definitions of energy terms; and different expert views on energy issues. Thirty-three thousand visitors passed through the exhibit each day, using a total of 42 different interactive video screens that offered immediate access to the visitor’s specific area of interest. A user had only to touch a word or symbol on the screen to indicate an interest in more detailed information. The corresponding information would immediately appear, called up for display from its storage place on one of the system’s video disks.

Technical Information:

    Equipment: 30 Apple II Computers, 50 Sony LDP1000 videodisk players, 50 Sony PVM19

Affiliation of Artist When Artwork Was Created:

    Ramirez and Woods Inc.