Thea Rapp: The Crone

  • ©2003, Thea Rapp, The Crone



    The Crone


Creation Year:



    20 inches x 35 inches


Artist Statement:

    “The Crone” is my tribute to the “Kitchen Witch:’ The symbol in the center is the talisman they use to invoke the power of the goat. It is commonly used in love or lust spells or to simply give them more power during invocation.

    The Lust card from the tarot was the inspiration for “La Lussuria.” It represents hidden intentions and secret knowledge, enticing you even though it is forbidden.

    I communicate more effectively through imagery, and I value the response of the viewer because it helps me to gain a better understanding of my work.

    All base images are my own original black-and-white, 35mm, medium-format, or large-format photographs. Final photographic fiber prints are then scanned and manipulated using Adobe Photoshop 7.0. They are then printed on a Lightjet printer onto Kodak semi-matte paper.