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John McCormick is a technology based artist with a major interest in human movement. John has collaborated on works worldwide, including at peak festivals ZERO1SJ, SIGGRAPH, Melbourne Festival, Venice Biennale, Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) London, Ars Electronica and Monaco Dance Forum. John was a founding member of Company In Space, Dancehouse, Squaretangle and Wild System. John is currently leading research at Deakin Motion.Lab. John’s current research centres on intelligent agents that can learn to dance from human dancers and use this learned behaviour to create collaborative performances with human performers.

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Title: Touching Space: Using Motion Capture and Stereo Projection to Create a "Virtual Haptics" of Dance
Writing Type: Paper
Exhibition: SIGGRAPH 2010: TouchPoint: Haptic Exchange Between Digits

This paper describes the work of a group of artists in Australia who used real-time motion capture and 3D stereo projection to create a large-scale performance environment in which dancers seemed to “touch” the volume. This project re-versions Suzanne Langer’s 1950s philosophy of dance as “virtual force” to realize the idea of a “virtual haptics” of dance that extends the dancer’s physical agency literally across and through the surrounding spatial volume. The project presents a vision of interactive dance performance that “touches” space by visualizing kinematics as intentionality and agency. In doing so, we suggest the possibility of new kinds of human-computer interfaces that emphasize touch as embodied, nuanced agency that is mediated by the subtle qualities of whole-body movement, in addition to more goal-oriented, task-based gestures such as pointing or clicking.

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