Kenneth A. Huff


Independent Artist and Savannah College of Art and Design


Orlando, Florida, US


Kenneth A. Huff has been creating images with his current digital techniques for almost 10 years. His work is displayed on his Web site ( and is held in public, private, and corporate collections around the world. He uses software tools currently provided under
a grant from Alias I Wavefront and has received significant amounts of computer time for rendering from WAM!NET Inc.

Born in Bismarck, North Dakota in 1969, Huff lives in Orlando, Florida and is an independent artist. He is self-taught and began publicly exhibiting his work in October 1997.


Artist and Jury Member

Art Works:

Writings and Presentations:

Title: Curated Panel Discussion: The State of Aesthetic Computing or Info-Aesthetics
Writing Type: Panel / Roundtable
Exhibition: SIGGRAPH 2009: Information Aesthetics Showcase
Abstract Summary:

Aesthetic computing is one of several related new fields: info-aesthetics, database aesthetics, network aesthetics, and software aesthetics. What are their similarities and differences? What are the aesthetic issues driving them, and how are they linked to technological developments? And what exactly is the role of aesthetics is this context?

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