Baden Pailthorpe, Simon Howden, Rhys Healy: Dream Clanger

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Artist Statement:

    Dream Clanger explores the aesthetics of machine learning in sport. Using anonymous player and crowd data captured during the 2017 AFL Round 23 Swans v Carlton game, Dream Clanger re-stages the drama and flow of a match in its entirety through machine learning networks. In statistical terms, the word ‘Clanger’ refers to a turnover or a silly mistake made by a player in an AFL match. The criteria for each player’s usefulness is defined wholly by the data they generate during the game— AFL players are tracked using micro wearable units that include GPS and accelerometers. The amount of data generated from these devices in a given game is immense; every movement is tracked, stored and interpreted in an effort to understand performance and mitigate injury. Dream Clanger is a collaborative project by artist Baden Pailthorpe, computer scientist Charles Gretton and 5th-yearcomputer science student Rhys Healy at the Australian National University. It relates to the SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 theme of ‘deep dreaming’ by positioning the practical applications of AI alongside its artistic possibilities in the context of elite sport.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Australian National University