Byungioo Lee: Egg

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Artist Statement:

    Let’s assume that you were a bird just born inside an egg. Are you sure that you could imagine the world outside the egg? No! You may not even recognize the fact that there is a barrier between the world and you. The concept of barrier is not formulated until the subsequent existence of the outside world. Thus, you cannot imagine or postulate the existence of an egg since it does not show you any information about the outside world. The existence is the farthest enclosure of your world. At this point, your existence itself is to impose a constraint on yourself. You have a freed mind. However, your mind always conceives the unreachable world that you are not able to imagine. In this work, a small mirror continuously follows up and blocks your hand creating an invisible wall. At this moment, look at the hand blocked and reflected by the mirror. Ask yourself, which object is blocking you? Is it the wall created by a complex robotic device or just yourself?



ASIA2013_Lee_Egg from ACM SIGGRAPH on Vimeo.



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