Michinari Kono, Yasuaki Kakehi, Takayuki Hoshi: Lapillus Bug

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Artist Statement:

    lapillus bug is an atomic creature wandering and hovering over a breakfast plate. Leftovers are his greatest treats, just waiting for the fantastic moment. He wonders which piece to choose, with his luxurious taste. When he get sight of some ripe colored things moving or freshly placed, now his appetite is unbearable, starting to chase the treat. You may interfere with this table sized world while wondering at this mysterious scene. A small piece of inorganic material has become alive appealing his potentiality and vitality.

    From ancient times, the relationship between material and life has been believed to be very close noticed by philosophy such as hylozoism which argues that everything is alive and have consciousness.

    Life is precious and familiar factor for us human being and we have honorable feelings to them.

    Nowadays, attempts merging superior structures or functions of living things when we design artificial objects in the fields of robotics, computer graphics and others, have often been accomplished under the modern technology development. Moreover, now we can visually recognize and represent the hidden and involved spiritual features of materials, thanks to the modern digital technology. Adopting life elements into materials and extracting life elements from materials, makes the border of material and life more ambiguous.



ASIA2013_Kono_LapillusBug from ACM SIGGRAPH on Vimeo.



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