Qian Li: Prelude

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Artist Statement:

    This video, inspired by a dream, is the life story of two humanized dots discovering love and hardship in today’s society. The piece intends to evoke personal memories that are emotionally tied to the viewer’s own experiences. The visuals are strongly influenced by traditional Chinese brush painting. The rising and falling life of the dots is synchronized with the music, with the intent that they empower one another. The piece mixes classical music with cutting-edge technology to create a deeply unique experience.

    Trained as a traditional Chinese painter, I have adopted the principle of “expressing the spirit through form.” Along with painting, I have studied Chinese philosophy and researched Buddhist art. During the past few years, I have traveled to Dunhuang and Tibet to study their art and attempt to understand their spirit, both visually and philosophically. These themes in art and lyrical composition have served as the foundation for my work as a new media artist.