Jun Kurumisawa: Image to Touch

  • ©1998, Jun Kurumisawa, Image to Touch



Image to Touch


SIGGRAPH 1998: Touchware

Creation Year:



Interactive Installation


40" x 40" x 32"



Artist Statement:

This work is, precisely, a “picture to touch!” The print, which uses expressions of principal color constituents, is installed in a frame with sensors. When a person touches the print, the sensors perceive which location has been touched; make elements vibrate through data available on the hue, chroma, and value of the related elements; and give information to the fingertip of the person. The actual roughness of the unrefined paper and the vibration of the image data are mixed with the fingertip data, and the viewer experiences a remarkable fusion of sense through sight and sense of reality.

This work was created with a high-level coating technology. Important objectives were to achieve sufficient water-resistance, light-resistance, and coloring, and to obtain the multiplicative effect that is equivalent to that for the ground material. The work achieves an original representation that consists of not only the image but also integration of the real material and sensations of materials created by computers.

The theme of this work is the relationship between layers of abstracted and accumulated memories, and shapes that are actually represented. This is the basic concept of the works I produce with computers, where abstracted memories and the individual (myself) influence each other, and represented memories and the society influence each other. I think artists should step forward and propose technologies that satisfy these conditions.