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July 28 - August 02, 2019

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This collection showcases the artworks presented in the Art Papers program at SIGGRAPH 2019. The ACM SIGGRAPH Art Papers Program has been organized since 2009. It consists of a series of cutting-edge art-science-technology research presented in the form of scientific papers. To be included in the program, authors first submitted their papers as proposals that go through a rigorous blind peer-review process. Accepted papers are presented in person by at least one of its authors at the SIGGRAPH venue and published in a special issue of Leonardo, the journal of the International Society for the Arts, Science, and Technology (ISAST) (MIT Press), also available from the ACM Digital Library [4] and, since 2015, as open access conference content accessible from the SIGGRAPH website.

In 2019, we called for submissions that explored innovative and provocative projects in a self-reflective manner, i.e. multiple views (or entry points), multicultural translations, and multigenerational communication. To foster dialogue between approaches we proposed four broad categories: 1) Project descriptions; 2) Theory/criticism of contemporary digital art; 3) Methods/techniques of creative practices; and 4) History/Media Archaeology of materials and roles of artists.

From the 15 accepted papers, 13 presented and discussed at least one artwork. The papers were organized in three sessions. In the first, the main themes comprised spaces and territories including our relationship to fictional and psychological constructions such as borders, frontiers and our inherent human vantage point. In the second session, some of the steering topics dealt with digital tools and archives, preservation of artworks and memorializing social events with digital media. In the third session, the contributions shared a consideration of volume and space as a key component for interaction and interpretation from 3D printing techniques to multimedia installations.

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