Rachel Dickey

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  • University of North Carolina Charlotte, College of Arts and Architecture, Assistant Professor


  • Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America



  • Rachel Dickey leads an architectural design and research practice, which seeks to explore the intersections between design, technology and culture. Recognizing that current technologies are allowing for an increasingly direct relationship been design and translation, the practice seeks to investigate the potential for a machine and material epistemology in architecture. It explores the use of machines and tools in design not only in terms of material manipulation, but also as instruments which effect people and their environments. Such an approach looks at technology in its truest form – techné, which deals with craftsmanship, the poetic process of revealing, and strives to uncover design approaches which demonstrate the influential capacity of architecture to impact and enhance the lives of those who encounter it.

    Rachel Dickey is an Assistant Professor of Computational Design at University of North Carolina Charlotte College of Arts and Architecture. She holds a Master of Design Studies with a concentration in technology from Harvard University Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Master of Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology.

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