Simon Boas

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Most Recent Affiliation:

  • Visual Designer and Video Producer


  • Portland, Oregon, United States of America



  • I’ve been working as a designer and video producer for the past decade with a focus in interaction, motion, and code. I’m also a socially engaged digital artist whose work investigates the theme of permissions at the intersection of technology and personal life. I received my MFA in Digital Art and New Media from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2018, and I have recently presented my work in Amsterdam, Rome, and San Francisco. My work is largely informed by my experience as a journalist and documentary filmmaker, and I have created projects for SIGGRAPH, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Drain: Journal of Contemporary Art and Culture, Carnation Contemporary, Root Division, Nisus Gallery, the Everett Daily Herald, and The Santiago Times.

    In 2017 I co-founded MidGray, an art and design collective that investigates consent and privacy with the help of technology.​

    I research privacy, consent, and creative uses of technology. I’ve worked with groups such as the Tactical Technology Collective to investigate privacy in online dating. My MFA thesis paper can be viewed here.

Writings and Presentations: