Amit Zoran

Job Title:

Art Gallery Chair


Chair, Jury Member, Author, and Artist

Writings and Presentations:

Title: Hybrid Basketry: Interweaving Digital Practice Within Contemporary Craft
Writing Type: Paper
Exhibition: SIGGRAPH 2013: XYZN: Scale
Abstract Summary:

Contemporary 3D printing and traditional craft rarely meet in the same creation. They tend to live in different worlds. In this paper, the author argues for merging these two distinct traditions. To that end, he developed hybrid basketry, a medium where 3D-printed structures are shaped to allow the growth and development of hand-woven patterns. While the 3D-printed plastic elements contribute the aesthetics of the digital curvatures and manifolds, the hand-woven reed, jute, and canvas fibers infuse the baskets with a unique organic appeal. The author discusses his motivation, describes the making process, and presents four hybrid baskets, integrating a deeper discussion on the place of craft and tradition within our contemporary approach to design and fabrication.

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