Jane Prophet


City University of Hong Kong and Goldmiths College


Artist, Author, and Speaker/Presenter

Art Works:

Writings and Presentations:

Title: (Projection) Mapping The Brain: A Critical Cartographic Approach To The Artist's Use Of FMRI To Study The Contemplation Of Death.
Writing Type: Paper
Exhibition: SIGGRAPH Asia 2015: Life on Earth
Abstract Summary:

Production of life-sized self-portrait comprising digital animations and live action video projection-mapped onto a 3D print from MRI data gathered as the artist viewed memento mori paintings and meditated on death.

Title: Homes
Writing Type: Sketch / Art Talk
Exhibition: SIGGRAPH Asia 2016: Mediated Aesthetics
Abstract Summary:

Homes presents the interior spaces where people from the fishing village of Tai O live. The installation includes the everyday objects with which they surround themselves. Two LCD monitors show virtual interiors of two village houses. Visitors to the installation can wander these virtual interior spaces by using trackballs attached to each screen. A large photo showing the street where the houses are located is on a facing wall.