Janice M. Glowski


The Ohio State University


Columbus, Ohio, US


Artist, Author, Chair, Committee Member, and Co-Chair


Writings and Presentations:

Title: Beyond Brush and Easel: The Computer Art of Charles A. Csuri from 1963 to present
Writing Type: Panel / Roundtable
Exhibition: SIGGRAPH 2006: Intersections
Abstract Summary:

This panel explores the computer art of Charles A. Csuri, an artist, recognized by Smithsonian Magazine as “the father of digital art and animation,” and includes discussion of his works from 1963 to the present. In this rare opportunity, we will also hear reflections from the pioneering artist himself, now Professor Emeritus and Artist in Residence at The Ohio State University. This art panel is presented in conjunction with the retrospective exhibition, Charles A. Csuri: Beyond Boundaries, 196