Aaron Marcus and Associates, Aaron Marcus, Michael Arent: SEEDIS

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Artist Statement:

    SEEDIS has an enormous database containing population and geographical statistics that are combined in answer to specific queries. This output, or outerface, is often most logically expressed by graphs, maps, charts or other diagrams.

    Designers worked in collaboration with computer programmers to create prototypical solutions to the problem of presenting these graphic outerfaces. The problem required designers to find ways to control the semi-automatic generation of information. The problem also required that the solutions be aesthetically pleasing, that the system’s capabilities be fully used, and that the designs meet the communication needs of the typical user.

Technical Information:

    DEC VAX 11/780
    terminals – Ramtek 9400, Tektronix 4027, ADM-3, Dec VT100, Tektronix 4104, Autologic APS micro 5; hardcopy – Xerox 9700, Versatec V-80, Tektronix 5218 printers

    Primarily in Fortran and C, DEC VMS operating system

Process Information:

    Publishing and Print

    Publishing and print have been synonymous since the invention of moveable type. Computers and graphics first entered publishing as production tools. As digital communication media replaces print, traditional graphic design principles are being modified and applied to the design and presentation of such things as computer interfaces and programs. High-density image storage devices such as video disk, provide the capability to archive, access and traverse massive amounts of graphic and textual information. With these and other tools in place, the design of information for dynamic, two-way communication between a user and computer can result.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Aaron Marcus and Associates

Other Information:

    Computer Science and Research Dept.,
    Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory,
    University of CA at Berkeley