Advanced Matrix Technologies: High-Speed Printer

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    High-Speed Printer




Artist Statement:

    Individual components or subsystems usually are defined at different “layers” of the database, so the designer can view any number of them at once. The different colors of this drawing of a high-speed computer printer represent different layers. Because the lid was defined on a separate layer, the designer was able to move it though its range of motion to ensure that no components interfered with its movement. For clarity, the lid was drawn in a different color for each position in the sequence shown.

Technical Information:

    McAuto Unigraphics
    CAD/CAM System

Process Information:

    Unlimited Detail and Variation

    Unlike conventional design media, such as paper and pencil, a computer’s representation of an object can incorporate every conceivable detail. The amount of detail that a database can contain is virtually infinite, limited only by the available data storage medium (usually magnetic tape or disk). Being able to easily manipulate the database allows designers to rotate, twist, bend, and make other modifications very quickly.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Advanced Matrix Technologies

Other Information:

    Service Bureau:
    Ronningen Research
    Vicksburg, MI