Alain Bittler: MOVEMENT3

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Creation Year:



    30-generated pictures printed on photo paper


    24 inches x 32 inches


Artist Statement:

    For me, 30 programs are a means to experiment. I build universes composed of industrial materials that can be altered or degraded. In those worlds, every being or object is generated from these materials.

    Sceneries and objects are modeled as mesh sculptures generated in the computer. These assemblies of points and polygons are later clad with textures. The next step in the conception is choosing the lighting sources: either spotlights or luminescent surfaces. Finally, a picture is taken with a virtual camera. This picture is entirely generated “in silica.” The computer becomes a camera able to take photos of objects devoid of physical reality. The virtual lens captures a moving virtual world, which allows it to take time-lapse shots to create new objects. Indeed, one can record the movement of an object in a given timeframe, and the combination of these positions generates a new virtual 3D object, which can in turn have its own movement and trajectory. In the footsteps of futurists, I pursue my studies in a domain close to abstraction, in territory opened by new technologies. The sy nthetic images I generate are parametered mathematically and can be modified according to duration. Far from these constraints, I try to convey a journey, a self study, a poetic vision, or a form of spirituality.

    I draw my inspiration from cinematographic sources, like Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” and the masterpieces of Miyasaki, celebrated for his poetic visions. I am also inspired by fashion designers’ creations such as lssey Miyake’s sculptural garments.

Technical Information:

    I use traditional 30 programs to create my pictures, and there are no post-process effects after the rendering of the 30 programs.