Alfio Pozzoni, Dongseop Lee, Tommaso Colombo, Jae Joong Lee, Jin Wan Park, Seon Noh, Minji Song, Moonjung Go: Paint Wall

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Artist Statement:

    This work represents a mural painting in which many people are taking part. Human beings had done visual representations in a cave or skeletons of an animal before civilization. For instance, the prehistoric Lascaux cave mural in France, which is estimated to be around 22,000 BC, is a prime example; thus, mural painting can be regarded as the oldest form of a painting. Mural painting generates an effect of dividing and contrasting the architectural parts visually, and is also utilized as a decorative element of a wall. This work aims to make sure that many people will be able to participate in a mural painting work as an architectural form as including the interactive and fluidic elements using a smartphone as a tool, which is the product of the modern digital development.



ASIA2013_Ables_PaintWall from ACM SIGGRAPH on Vimeo.



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