Alonzo Miranda: Simulating Human Physical Differences

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    Simulating Human Physical Differences




Artist Statement:

    Human performance is usually dictated by the environment and our ability to adapt to its conditions. Understanding the multiple aspects of disability is a hard task for designers. Unfortunately, most of the design efforts for the disabled or handicapped to date have resulted in little more than wheelchair-accessible buildings.

    The objective of this research is to help designers to create products that can serve an extended range of people, especially those with disabilities. A computer graphics model designed to control, constrain and simulate special motions in a three-dimensional system is described. With the help of a model like this, professionals could ease the problems of dealing with the special client. Handicapping and disabling factors relevant to the design process can be explored through the comparison of normal and abnormal simulated motion conditions.

Process Information:

    Human Factors Simulation

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Illinois Institute of Technology