Andreas Muxel, Martin Hesselmeier: Capacitive Body

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    Capacitive Body



Artist Statement:

    This modular light system reacts to the sound of its environment. Each custom-built module consists of an electro-luminescent light wire linked to a piezoelectric sensor and a microcontroller. Its modular setup makes it easily adaptable to various urban spaces.
    The sensors are used to measure vibrations of architectural solids in a range of low frequencies. These oscillations are triggered by surrounding ambient noise, for example traffic sounds. The sensor data control the light wires, which are tensed to a spatial net structure. Light flashes are generated according to the values of the measurement. With increasing vibrations, the time between flashes becomes shorter and shorter. In the end, the stability of this nervous system collapses and restarts. The result is a dynamic light space that creates visual feedback of the aural activity around the installation.