Annette Weintraub: Reconstruction

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Creation Year:



    Laser Printouts


    31 x 47


Technical Information:

    Hardware: Apple Macintosh II, 8 Mb, Raster Ops 364, Personal LaserWriter.
    Software: Studio 8; Studio 32, Adobe Photoshop, PosterWorks.

Other Information:

    Twenty five laser prints tiled and laminated on Lenox paper. This work incorporates photographic fragments of historical and contemporary structures as well as core elements of architectural lan­guage. I altered photo fragments in which architectural conventions (such as window, column, arcade, frieze, vault, facade, and figurative ornament) are dematerialized, combined, and layered. I also included vernacular artifacts of urban environments in the form of signage and fragments of type. Superimposed over this collage of fragments are transparent linear pattern elements which imply the grid of the city, architectural plans, and cloth patterns­the “fabric of the city”. Compositing is done with a computer; the photo frag­ments are digitized, then altered, manipu­lated and repainted. I have chosen to work in a pixelated, low resolution mode, instead of using the capacity of the soft­ware to create photorealistic images. The broken and fragmented quality of the images is consistent with my content and I like the contrast between the broken qual­ity of the image seen close up and its more photographic reading at a distance. Additionally, the pixel/grid element repre­sents a tie between my art in traditional media and the signature imprint of the computer. The images in this series were output as tiled and laminated laser prints. The grid of tiled pages also reintroduce an element of the patterning grid and repetition of the urban environment.