Annika Erixan: Holy Cow – The Labyrinth, the Woman & the Goddess

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    Holy Cow - The Labyrinth, the Woman & the Goddess


Creation Year:



    2 meters x 2 meters


Artist Statement:

    In our early days, Mother Earth was our goddess. Through rituals in the holy labyrinth, we could walk the path to her, to inner truth, fer tility, and happiness. In Sweden we have -300 labyrinths. Our country has the highest incidence of labyrinths in the world. They do exist in many other countries as well, and the Indians of A merica used the same figures before Columbus discovered them. In our modern times, we have forgotten the link to our divine selves and Mother Nature. Our bodies, plants, and animals are devalued to physical objects. With new nano technology and new ideals, we are designing our bodies, buildings, and animals to better suit our needs. The body is styled, buildings are designed by the latest trends, and new cloning and breeding methods redefine animals and plants. The form of a house and of an animal comes as a result of man-made art and technology. Life itself turned into an artifact. Do we reshape ourselves and our environment on the basis of total knowledge? Do we possess a true sense of the inner values of these inner qualities? Is there more in life than we can see or measure by modern technology? Is there even a lost technology that could put us on the right track again?

    With the help of the latest technology, I want to build a bridge to our lost paradise. The door to Mother Earth, inner peace, and love is still open if we want to find it. The knowledge is hidden within the design of the holy labyrinth.

Technical Information:

    The 3D laser scanner team scanned my body out in the snow, with a Leica HDS2500. The digital material was registered with Cyclone and exported to Maya and Photoshop, from where the image was printed out.