AnnMarie LeBlanc: Daughter’s Rebirth

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    Daughter's Rebirth


Creation Year:



    Archival, digital print


    39 inches x 24 inches


Artist Statement:

    Daughter’s Rebirth uses organic objects (germinating plants and water) to depict natural life cycles and, in this work, the concepts behind the archetypal myth of Persephone. The work is an image celebrating the youthful goddess (depicted as a newly formed seedling) and her role as queen of the underworld. The imagery simultaneously celebrates her seasonal return to earth with the coming of spring. Persephone has returned from the underworld to walk the earth again, and Demeter, her mother, pours forth her blessings to welcome her beloved daughter home with the revival of spring.

Other Information:

    AnnMarie LeBlanc began working in digital imaging in the mid-1980s, at the very birth of the medium. She is the chairperson of Visual Communication and Design at Indiana University-Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Originally trained as a printmaker, LeBlanc naturally layers imagery, photography, color, and textures to create a visual history on the surface of her work. Her images possess a great feel for the physicality of traditional printmaking processes. LeBlanc applies and reapplies layers to achieve a rich and deep image. Within its framed boundaries, Daughter’s Rebirth is a record of time and process.