Avital Meshi: Live Feed

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Artist Statement:

    Live Feed is a live performance in which I was sitting on a rocking chair with a fake baby in my arms and a VR headset covering my eyes. On the screen behind me, my avatar was ‘live’ inside a similar looking room in the virtual world of Second-Life. The avatar was sitted on a similar chair with a fake baby and a VR headset. On the screen behind her is another screen with an image of my real self. This goes on and on and on as one figure immersed in VR watching the world of the other. ‘Live Feed’ is intended to raise questions in regard to the medium of VR worlds and VR headsets which are being increasingly positioned as a household commodity. What does it mean to be a mother in the time of virtual reality? Moreover, what does it mean to be human in this age? What are our relationships to one another as people when we interact with each other through this technology? And which are the values that our children grow to learn in this environment?



Live Feed from ACM SIGGRAPH on Vimeo.