Barbara Nessim: Face #111 from Face Series

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    Face #111 from Face Series


Creation Year:



    Computer Image


    20" x 24"



Artist Statement:

    Beginnings and Now

    At first, I was fascinated by the idea that a computer could be used as a tool to create art. As I quickly learned the many aspects and power of this machine, I started to focus on the computer’s specific attributes. These attributes, such as a database, answered some of my long term “what-if” art goals and inspired me to explore. That was in 1980.

    One of those “what-if” wishes was to show the hundreds of line drawings tucked away in 71, completed-to-date, visual journals. Creating an ongoing database of the many drawings in these visual journals parallels the growing population.

    Communication among people, diverse and alike, are at the root of my work. With migration, immigration, integration, and population growth increasing daily, understanding among people of the same and diverse backgrounds becomes paramount. Placing drawings under different transparent national flags puts them in a global context.

    The two examples shown span two decades of digital work. The patterned face was created around 1982 on a Norpak IPS 2 computer, the first computer I used and the one learned on. The Iris print, Tic Tac Toe, is from my American Favorites series. This drawing from my journals is incorporated with a ghost of the American Flag.