Barbara Nessim: Random Access Memories

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    Random Access Memories


Creation Year:



    Interactive Installation


Technical Information:

    Hardware: Apple Macintosh IIx
    Software: MacPaint, Hypercard

Other Information:

    This installation consists of a com­puter sitting on a table; connected to it is a mouse pointing device. Next to the computer is a laser printer, a paper cutter and a stapler. The computer screen dis­plays, at 2-second intervals, 200 different drawings, input by hand via digitized drawing tablet. A click on the mouse deletes the drawings and brings up 18 flags on the same screen. The viewer/par­ticipant selects a flag on the screen, with the mouse pointing device. A sequence of drawings appears, selected randomly from the 200 drawings. In addition, 16 drawings are selected randomly to create a mini-book. The laser printer delivesr an 8.5” x 11 ” piece of paper printed with 8 drawings on one side. On the other side there are six drawings including the image of the flag selected as the front cover and some informative text for the back cover. The layout of the drawings enables the viewer/participant to construct the mini­book (2.75″ x 4.25″). Instructions are pro­vided for the proper folding, cutting, and stapling. By interacting with the computer, all participants share in creating their gift, the miniature book. Because of random selection no two books are the same. Each mini-book is a unique work of art.