Ben Maggos: What About Job?

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    What About Job?


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Artist Statement:

    What About Job? is akin to a Socratic dialogue on the fundamental philosophical question of free will. The work explores how one’s own innate response to this dilemma shapes the qualities and attitudes of one’s life. The artwork doesn’t provide a singular answer to these questions.
    Instead, the unique qualities of interactive cinema become a tool of inquiry with the same stakes as those that exist in a textual essay. By doing so, those qualities extend the vernacular of interactive cinema through its own syntactical inventions, but, far from developing an obscure lexicon, its form allows the viewer to move through the ideas in ways that unfold its questions. From this piece, the poignancy of daily activities as a reflection of one’s own reconciliation with questions of good, evil, and free will become clear. The interactive form becomes an extension of our own lived inquiry into these questions.

Technical Information:

    Shockwave was used to create an interface to dozens of interactive video streams.