Brian Evans: limosa

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    2:15 minutes


Artist Statement:

    Everything reduces to data mapping and information design. The only hard question is why we do either. I never got past a fascination with numbers, a desire to write songs, a desire to make pictures. All is number in the computer. I take numeric models and see what songs and pictures they will make. How can I map numbers to the senses, turn numbers into a tangible experience? Then I wonder how the senses map to each other. I map the maps. Sound to image: a visualization. Image to sound: a sonification. In mapping numbers into sensory experience, aesthetic decisions are made. What palette of colors to use? What set of pitches? How long? How big? The artist chooses. In a digital world, the mapping itself is a choice. Beyond arithmetic there are no rules. I make simple rules. You have to start somewhere. One loop (now it’s a narrative). Two minutes (don’ t blink). The sound should be seen, the image should be audible. Other than that, make music. It’s jazz in 40. Hear the colors, listen with your eyes .