Brian Knep: Drift Grid 1

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    Drift Grid 1


Creation Year:



    DVD player, projector


    80 inches x 80 inches


Artist Statement:

    Organic shapes grow, shrink, split, and join across five projected panels, drifting slowly from right to left and traveling from one panel to the next. When a shape drifts off the left edge of the leftmost panel, it reenters into the rightmost panel. The system is a closed loop, and the shapes never repeat. Each panel imposes a different set of rules governing movement and growth, and as a shape crosses a panel boundary, its look and behavior change. Although the panels look very different, the growth on each is based on the same set of chemical models, with simple changes in the parameters of these models causing large changes in behavior.This work is one of a number exploring complexity-out-of simplicity and infinite-out-of-finite. The works are embedded in architectural spaces (walls, columns}, bringing the spaces to life.