Byongsue Kang, Hyohoun No, JungHwan Sung, Jayoung Kim, Hwanik Jo, Semi Kim, Minjoo Lee: The Door

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Artist Statement:

    We want to express digital communication with a human touch. So we pay attention to the properties of a door because it links one place to another. We think the linking of different places and sharing of places is one of the substantial qualities of network technology. Another reason that we focus on a door is because it bears great meanings. For example, a door is the first spot for a meeting with someone or for kissing someone goodbye. It could be your children, spouse, or your friends. These days, we talk and say hello to friends by Messenger or mobiles. Accustomed to digital devices which neglect time or space, we expect that the devices can carry our emotions to others. However, these have limits in expression. We want to show through our work “The Door” that network technology should have a little more humanity and love in the near future.