Carlos Eduardo Muti Randolph: Manicomlo Judciario

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    Manicomlo Judciario


Creation Year:



    Ink jet on canvas, iron bars and plates, computer with touchscreen monitor


    63cm x 44cm x 8cm



Artist Statement:

    Although they are complementary, these six ink-jet prints on canvas mounted on metal plates behind bars and a touch screen monitor (also framed by a rusted metal plate with bars) are independent. The printed part and the interactive part can be exhibited separately. Visitors can interact with several “inmates” that react to the touch of fingers on the screen.

    The “inmates” are distorted self-portraits of the artist. The distortions, as well as some of the inmate’s “thoughts”, can be viewed and to some extent controlled by the visitors. The set, with rusted bars, poor lighting, and industrial noises, helps to create an insane ambiance. Some of the interactive animation sequences are so realistic that touching them can be quite repulsive. But the more the visitors do it, the deeper they get into the twisted psyches of the “inmates.”

Other Information:

    Programming   Calo Barra Costa
    Audio Effects   Julio Hungria
    Photo Studio   Hamdan