Ching-Chuan Hu: That ・ This 2018

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    That ・ This 2018


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Artist Statement:

    I use a downloaded 3-D software to scan diary spaces with my mobile phone, producing fragmentary and blurry images by moving the lens arbitrarily when in the capturing process. I put the images of different environments scanned in different times in a new, virtual, Artificial space coordination, therefore, “that space and this space” becomes “here an now” and appears in the same virtual time-space. My mother’s family immigrated from Myanmar to Taiwan to pursuit an ideal life, she often contact my relatives who have immigrated to United States through Internet video chat, I learned them how to produce panorama scan with mobile phone, they scanned their living environment, and sent the images to me through the Internet; therefore, I can juxtapose them with our living space in Taiwan.

    The voice in VR video is the dialogue between my mother who have immigrated from Myanmar to Taiwan and my aunt who have immigrated to United States, They chatted in Burmese. They have not seen each others for a decade of years, they keep in touch with hi-tech product every weekend, the daily conversations between them are shifting in different spaces in the VR world, “there” and “here “Is closer to each other yet are still far away, and the fragmentary and blurry images after scanning represent the real appearance of sense and memory, and try to explore in the age of accelerated development of information technology, we seems grasped more, but become more incomplete.



That ・ This 2018_DEMO from Ashley Hu on Vimeo.