Christian Möller, Elsa Prochazka: Mozart’s Piano Fugue, Opus 154 ”A Musical Score Lent Acoustic Form”

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    Mozart's Piano Fugue, Opus 154 ''A Musical Score Lent Acoustic Form"


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    This installation began as a special project for the Mozart Museum in the Figaro House in Vienna. For most of the visitors to the Mozart Museum’s stand­ing exhibition, the sketches for scores, although they are originals, tend to be less interesting than the letters and notes Mozart penned, for the simple reason that the contents of the musical scores remain inaccessible to people who cannot read them. This installation helps museum visitors move beyond simply viewing Mozart’s notes to a full experience of his music.

    The work consists of a pedestal with an analog-capacitive glass surface. Behind the glass, an original musical score for Piano Fugue, Opus 154, is exhibited in the usual picture frame. When a visitor touches a note on the sketched musical score, a sequencer specially developed for this installation generates the corresponding musical note.

    In this manner, visitors are able to follow the musical score with their fingers and play the piece of music. The speed at which their fingers move across the score determines the speed at which the music is reproduced.

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    Goethe Institute Houston

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    Christian Gusenbauer

    Werner Eder
    Ernst Kronsteiner