Claudia Vera: La Difunta Correa

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    La Difunta Correa


Creation Year:





Technical Information:

    Hardware: Apple Macintosh II.
    Software: Adobe Photoshop.

Other Information:

    The installation is composed of two wooden tables, one shorter and a lit­tle bit wider than the other. The room is semi-dark. On the top of the shorter table there is an unglazed clay basin full of water. In this basin, computer manipulated images of body gestures and common personal objects like a wedding ring and a baby pacifier are reflected in the water by a hidden camera. The images are to be experienced like apparitions of miracles. On the taller table there is a clay plate into which white water is dripping from the ceiling very slowly. This is an element of time and of allegory common to everyday life. On the floor surrounding these tables, in no particular order, are several clay, wood, plastic, and metal jars, platters and other objects. Some of these objects have been broken and put together again. Also some other things like fruits and vegeta­bles are cast in clay and transformed by using color or textures. This spiritual space will carry with it the memory or perception of offerings proffered by those who con­sidered this place to be sacred in another mental and emotional time.