Dan Tapper: Hyper Nebulas

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    Hyper Nebulas


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Artist Statement:

    Hyper Nebula was inspired by watching a nature documentary on the activities of sand crab interaction. I found the patterns created by 1000s of sand crabs feeding throughout the course of the day to be very beautiful and have interesting emergent properties. I developed a system to simulate these sand crab patterns – through the interaction of the sand crabs seeking food and evading predators. I found that by tweaking the system in various ways such as imposing geometrical patterns to the crabs starting points or linking traveling crabs and predators using colored lines created a series of very interesting patterns and images reminiscent of nebulas and galaxies. Hyper Nebulas are a series of images inspired by natural processes occurring at a micro level and abstracted to hint at the macro – cosmology from sand crabs.

Technical Information:

    Media Used: Created as generative work using Processing.