Daniel J. Sandin, Ellen Sandor, Donna J. Cox, George Francis, Ray L. Idaszak: Pscolograms

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Artist Statement:

    The most significant art from this century might be born from “Renaissance teams” where specialists contribute skills toward the creation of work in a collaborative, creative process. – D. Cox

    Forms generated by elliptic ovals have fascinated geometers, artist, and astronomers ever since Appollonius, de Vinci, and Kepler. – G. Francis

    Conquering this art involves nothing short of PhDs, MFAs and XMPs. – R. ldaszak

    I want to make the invisible visible. – D. Sandin

Technical Information:

    Hdw: Cray/IBM PC
    Sftw: Fortran/RT1

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    University of Illinois