Das Vegas: Panorama Time

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    Panorama Time


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    Digital Photographs


Artist Statement:

    Through the “Panorama Time” project the artist discusses how to reach significant and aesthetically appealing, but most importantly “broken” results through hacking the use of our everyday device – a mobile phone camera. In this project, by using panoramic mode of the digital camera, the artist tries to break the concept of panorama, which might be referred to as an “unbroken” wide view in front of the viewer.

    Das Vegas work is grounded within visual, conceptual and media art paradigms, recently strongly focusing on contemporary art and technological aspect of new media. He is also combining many traditional media art techniques such as photography, video and film into complex art installations and screenings. In the artist’s work, both artistic and media stances are interrelated and stand for open dialogue and critical engagement. The interaction as practice and a theme is one of the main fields in his recent artistic processes. The important topic of authorship, that graduates from arts into other disciplines of artist’s practice and research, has recently been explored from various perspectives, e.g. from art theory or design methods.

    The change is an overarching concept that describes the artistic statement and explorations behind the most body of work. Talking more broadly, the artist is interested in the current discourse on art world and on life in general through the latest artistic expressions, techniques and technologies. However, his central focus is an exploration and development of dematerialized art forms and its production through the perspective of human behavior and experiences taking a stance from phenomenology. Most works of art started by engaging in discourses from subjective perspective either from theoretical or practical reasons, e.g. The Migrating Archive commenced from his family’s personal experience. Taking the personal perspective of the artist, the work of art could be seen as an examination of other important societal subjects and in most cases the focus on art world reflects upon broader phenomena. Although, by interrelating personal experiences and subjective stances with objective attributes of broader fields like societal life and art-world the artist creates conceptually thrilling artistic experiences.

Technical Information:

    Media Used: Digital photograph taken by phone camera with panorama mode.