Dave Payling: Rainbow Tunnel

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    Rainbow Tunnel



Artist Statement:


    This image is created from repeated geometric forms, transformed over time. Their positioning, repetitions and application of feedback creates more complex interwoven patterns. Through this process light patterns and surprising forms revealed themselves by chance. The diffuse textured lights are frozen moments of complex moving structures expressed in static form.


    A still photo from artificial life, this is a frozen moment from absolute animation. Repeated geometric forms were rotated and transformed over time and complex interwoven abstract patterns emerged. These unexpected forms are born from motion. Key frames were defined and positioned over an extended sequence and the animation was set in motion. When the motion is paused the cellular beauty of individual frames is revealed. Chance plays its part in this phenomenon. Individual frames are determined but the translation between these points is indeterminate. The space between known quantities is where the unexpected patterns and lights emerge.

Process Information:

    I am an audio-visual artist who works primarily with electronic sound and video. For the past 30 years, my musical creativity and output has been paralleled with accompanying visuals, initially in live performance settings and more recently in fixed media composition. My visual work is driven by an interest in light, abstract imagery and the behaviour of forms over time. I seek to express visual media in music but also recognise the visual beauty in some of the imagery produced by animation. Abstract computer graphics can be programmed in precise detail, but when working with code and visual materials it is often the case that unexpected patterns reveal themselves. Frequently the figures, which emerge from chance outcomes of algorithmic processes, are the most intriguing. Please note this artwork can be considered part of a series alongside my other three art gallery submissions.