David Anderson: j604

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Creation Year:



    Digital Art


    1400 x 1600 pixels


Artist Statement:

    For me, art is a release of mind and spirit, a freedom that allows selfdiscovery. Where the rational and the spiritual mix, there is revelation, and my creativity makes great leaps. The colors and textures of impressionism, the compositions and structures of cubism, and the energy of Pollock’s action paintings, as well as the rhythms of modern music, all influence my work. Music is constant company as I create. When I begin a piece, I have selfish goals. I want to find myself, to understand more of my mind and soul, and to express that discovery in my work. As I connect with my work, my goals expand to include a desire to provoke reaction and thought.2004

Technical Information:

    I begin with a photograph or a simple painting for texture and digitally manipulate it to create complex compositions in which texture, color, and space are my primary concerns. Laying down vertical and horizontal guidelines, I use the rectangle marqee to select areas to modify with simple filters. As I work, I will modify the color, brightness, and contrast. This piece was created from a digital photograph taken with an Olympus digital camera and then manipulated on a Macintosh G3 with Photoshop.