David Glynn: Crayola

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    8 in x 12 in



Artist Statement:

    I grew up with Crayolas as one of my first art supplies. Many people are aware that the color called “Flesh” since 1949 was voluntarily changed to “Peach” in 1962, partially as a response to the US Civil Rights Movement (see www.crayola.com). Having photographed over 64 models in the past 10 years for use in my artwork, I consider each of them to be a unique part of my palette. As represented here, one of the colors gets to describe the concept of flesh by coming to life-free to create her own steps through the world.

    With digital media, due to its sheer range and flexibility, there is sometimes an overuse of color. But I believe it allows for the possibility of fine tuning one’s vision as opposed to just utilizing the available palette. Having (if anything) only a numeric value, digital hues need not be loaded with politically divisive names, and they can exist as “pure color.”