Dennis Staffne: Circle of Grass II

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    Circle of Grass II


Creation Year:



    Iris print


    16 x 16 inches


Artist Statement:

    My experience in traditional based media includes photography, printmaking and drawing. Electronic imaging has provided me an opportunity of work with my photographs or draw directly with the computer using an electronic tablet. I view much of my visual computer work as electronic printmaking. Images are signed, titled, and identified with edition numbers. For an artist working with traditional media the character of paper (for drawing or printmaking) is an important concern. Now with the Iris print an artist working with electronic media can make use of almost any paper for final printing. After an intense learning process with hardware and software the computer as a visual creative tool seems very friendly and affords endless directions for new imagery. I now create drawings that are influenced by my knowledge and experience with the computer. Many of my new photographs were made and influenced by the intention of bringing the images to the computer. I expect that electronic imaging will be more and more considered an emerging medium of the visual arts.