Diane Ludin, Francesca da Rimini, Agnese Trocchi: Open Sorcery Poetry (OSP)

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Artist Statement:

    We are losers, misfits, we trip in codes and appropriate technologies. We are three women living in three continents—Europe, North America, Australia. Since the 1990s we love to interweave our playing using various Internet protocols. Today we refuse the dictatorship of social networks. We don’t adapt to the Megamachine gears. We don’t believe the rhetoric of gamified social platforms. We resist leaving the fragments of our electric bodies in the networks of domination (Facebook Inc., Google, etc). Instead, we are forever in search of the liminal and the spaces between the singularities that patriarchy and capitalism define and operate under.

    Open Sorcery Poetry (OSP) is a multilingual battle-cry, a series of generative poems created with known accomplices, deep aliases and passing strangers. We gather feeds in the free software drift zones. These ‘anchors for listening’, hexes against Power, can be hacked, weaponized, remixed, and recast. The method is the content, so we are making new worlds using F/LOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software): online editor Etherpad for a/synchronous writing, Nextcloud for sharing and synchronizing folders, Audacity to create podcasts. We tangle our words and share our poetry and audio recordings.

    Join us in the Etherpad to create new poems, spellcasting with us. It’s a convivial experience that we are after. Poems will emerge and dissolve. This is a challenge, as the Etherpad will be open like a naked body, but it is also a calculated risk.

    Will you play with us?

Other Information:

    Collaboration, Narratives, Participation, and Poetry